Ariel Spaugh is a California born artist who over the past 8 years has been sharpening their dexterity within camera, lighting and motion control with a focus in stop-motion animation.

Having graduated with a degree in photography, they have worked their way into the world of film and tv for both live action and stop-motion animation. They have had a strong mix of camera assisting, and grip/spark work with their most recent rolls as a Senior Camera Assistant on Aardman's Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget in Bristol England, and 1st Camera Assistant on Netflix's Wendell and Wild in Portland Oregon. They have been able to learn from and work with some of the best DOP's in the industry and continue to work towards an LC position with a strong sense of leadership, work ethic and empathy. 

They currently live in California with their very well fed blue heeler Gambit and are working freelance while drinking copious amounts of coffee.